Phreek's Giants

Early Days in Hogsburg
Wherin our heroes uncover and prevent an invasion of Greenskins from the North

Our heros converge upon Hogsburg from various parts of the Flanaess after increased raids and populations of Greenskins are reported in the Crystalmist Mountains, in the northwestern corner of the Yeomanry in early Plantingmonth CY 591.

Their first job is to accompany a wagon to Loftwick with the expectation of a raid along the way. When the action happens the party is ready and drive the attackers, but lose their horse.

In the attempted recovery of the horse, our heroes find a small valley at an old trailhead that is laden with caves, occupied by at least one ogre that the party wisely pay a ransom for their own lives. The party recovers the trail of the horse and uncover multiple gangs of Greenskins occupying the caves who are overheard talking about another stronghold higher in the pass.

Reporting back to Hogsburg and the local militia, only two volunteers from the irregular militia agree to join our heroes and investigate on behalf of the city.


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