A Dwarven necropolis built near the western ridges of the Crystalmist Mountains over 1,000 years ago, before the migration of two Dwarven Kingdoms.

It is currently settled by outcast dwarves and those unwilling to move from their ancestral homes when the main body left, including several religious sects who refused to leave behind the tombs of their kin.

The city lies at the center of a wide vale and is divided into two fortified sections, further divided into four wards.

The smallest section is known as the Gate Ward. To many travelers and visitors, the Gate Ward is Hammerfast, even though it serves as a gateway to the rest of the city.

Three quarters of the city is divided into three wards. The Lore Ward, the Craft Ward, and Trade Ward.

Dead spirits walk the streets and enjoy almost the same rights as living citizens.


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