Duchy of Ulek

The Duchy of Ulek is a political state of the Flanaess, and one of the three Ulek States (the other two being the County of Ulek, and the Principality of Ulek).

As of 591 CY, the population of the Duchy of Ulek totaled 392,200 persons. Humans of mostly Suel stock make up over 40% of the inhabitants. Half-elves are over 20% of the population, while elves are almost 15% and Eladrin 10%. Gnomes, halflings, and others make up the remainder of the population.

Situated to east of Gran March and Keoland. Came to the aid of Sterich in ridding their land of Giants and Greenskins after several years of occupation in 588 CY.

Unfortunately for Geoff, the elite cavalry of the Duchy is committed to aiding Sterich in the patrolling of the eastern banks of the White Oyt River Gorge, as the wide western border is best suited for their highly mobile Royal Dragoons.

The most populous towns are Tringlee (pop. 14,500), Axegard (pop. 13,200), and Waybury (pop. 11,500).

Duchy of Ulek

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