Preston was originally an elven outpost built high in the trees to protect the Oytwood from incursions by humans of all types when the area of what was to become Geoff was first settled by man, some nine hundred years ago. Over the centuries as humans proved that they could be trusted, the elves relaxed their vigil somewhat and allowed men and women who had demonstrated their love of the land to visit the woods. Gradually, relations between humans and the elves became closer especially after a young noble wed an elven bride in 223 CY.

The outpost became a town, an elven city with a small population of half-elves and like-minded humans. The sylvan elves who worked here produced elven clothes, weapons, food, and armor, trading them with other places for music, worked goods, and news.

The invading force of giants that came into the Oytwood in 583 CY was weary but determined. Dozens of giants fell to elven swords and arrows, but one by one the giants were able to smash into the homes and fortifications of Preston. In the face of extermination, the elves accepted defeat, retreating into the forest in small untraceable groups and allowing the giants to assume control of their arboreal city.

Eight years later, the elves have recovered emotionally from their losses and have bolstered their numbers with elves from the Dim Forest and woodsmen from the Gran March. As the giants grew lax in their defenses and over-hunted the forests around Preston, they were forced to wander further and further from the city in search of game, becoming easy targets for the stealthy elves and their allies.

By now, the giants are fully on the defensive and the elves are patient and confident. When the giants go out in force, they scare all prospective game away and the elves simply avoid them. When the giants go out alone, they are picked off one-by-one.


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