The Lea

Started by an extensive family that staked out a large claim of land in the heartland of Geoff some three hundred years ago, this village was once a peaceful, uneventful place to live. While this land had a gentle roll that made it largely unsuitable for farming, it proved to be excellent pasturage for grazing and for wild-grown hay. The family build fences for their sheep and simple shacks for themselves and went about the daily business of being herders. When the time came for them to sell their wool in Oytmeet, they spoke of the green pastures around their homes and encouraged their friends to move closer. Eventually, these homesteads attracted craftsmen and other skilled people, and what became of The Lea grew into a small town.

The people of The Lea were unused to humanoid attacks, as their location in the heart of Geoff was protected on all sides by more appealing targets for raids by Greenskins and giants from up in the Barrier Peaks or Crystalmist Mountains.

Thus, it was quite a surprise when a band of Verbeeg, Ogres, and Hill Giants attacked the town without warning in 583 CY, scattering sheep in all directions and killing many spread out homesteaders while they slept in their homes. The town itself was taken easily.

There weren’t many survivors and so contact with The Lea has been completely cut-off for the past eight years.

The Lea

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